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Gaining Capabilities with Metal Fabrication

Posted by Steven Nghe on Nov 15, 2016 10:00:23 AM


A drilling, punching, and sheering system can provide a multitude of capabilities which allows a fabrication shop to perform many in-house services. The Voortman V550-6 drilling, punching, and shearing system is one such system used at the Kloeckner Metals Indianapolis branch. The machine is able to drill, punch, shear, thread tap, and etch both flat and angled steel, all in one series of automated processes.

“We can physically run structural angles, channels, flat bar, merchant bars, and more through this machine,” says David Mueller, processing sales manager of Kloeckner Metals Indianapolis.

The capabilities of this particular machine are geared toward the connection side of the construction business. For a fabrication shop that deals heavily with building materials, the ability to make these parts is a natural addition.

“The customers can buy not only their structural beam package from us but they can buy their component parts as well,” says Dan Childers, an account manager at Kloeckener Metals Indianapolis. “We can be a more complete provider of inventory and parts than we were before.”

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Four Keys to A Quality Metal Fabrication Shop

Posted by Steven Nghe on Aug 30, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Multiple Services

Metal Fabrication shops provide a multitude of services, including punching, cutting, forming, and welding. They can perform soft tooled processes and some hard tooled stamping. From the mill, the metal travels to a service center where it is processed into the desired blank sizes, or the desired coil widths. It is then shipped to the fabrication shop, where it is made into the component parts and sometimes even assembled.

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